Admitting that I had an addiction to prescription pills openly and honestly 3 1/2 years ago was the most frightening step that I ever decided to take in my life. The apprehension of what others were going to say, and the uncertainty of living a life sober without my “crutches,” and the realization that once I spoke my truth, that there was no turning back to that lifestyle, caused me a tremendous amount of anxiety. I pushed away those I loved the most so that I could stay “safe” in my comfort zone. I agonized for years as I tried to stop numbing my emotional and physical pain, to no avail, until it was so clear to me that if I did not make an imminent change, my death would shortly follow. My body was frail and malnourished as I suffered with many illnesses, and my brain’s neurotransmitters were all but deadened by the toxicity of the pills, and lack of nourishment and fluids. In a fleeting moment of clarity in between self medicating, I decided to choose to live…to make a monumental lifestyle change. I asked for help, and decided immediately to follow an alternative lifestyle which would allow me to explore natural and organic solutions that would resonate with my individuality, my body type, my blood type, my ancestry, and my environment. Every day since April 3, 2013, I have learned new and effective ways of healing on a cellular level through these natural and organic solutions which have allowed me to enjoy a sustainable and successful recovery.

I used to look forward to being at home by myself in my own world that consumed me full of sadness, depression, and addiction, which was, at that time, my comfort zone. It was all I felt I could control at that time with everything else in my life so out of control. I lived alone so I could remain sedentary, watch television round the clock when I was awake, watching the same shows over and over again as this was my reality, and my comfort zone as well, sleep all day, stay up all night, eat whatever I chose, or not, and just remain indoors in this world that I had created in my mind, in a false sense of safety, which was exacerbated by the 2,000 plus pills a month I had been taking prescribed by one physician.

Today, I am the healthiest I have ever been in my life. I live a holistic lifestyle that is natural and organic which promotes whole healthiness body, mind and soul. As a Certified Holistic Health Coach, I help others to make lifestyle changes that offer them a chance in exploring and implementing new ways of healing and sustaining optimal health on a cellular level.

I truly understand all of the underlying symptoms of addictions…drugs, alcohol, food, television, video games, sex, shopping, gambling, etc.  Admitting that we have an addiction is the first big step in healing. Next, we must peel away the layers with a holistic professional (treating the whole person) and find what the root problem is that keeps us wanting to be in a mind altered, numb state of being which affects our body in so many ways as well. In active addiction, we are so unhealthy, in denial, and many times suffering from dis-ease that is keeping us lethargic and complacent, making it almost impossible for us to either realize we need to ask for help, or just too weak and lethargic to do so, and sometimes it just seems like it will be a monumental task that feels insurmountable. Not true.

Take the first step in admitting you have an addiction. Once you do, each step afterwards becomes a little easier, and more attainable. Once you begin to put one foot in front of the other, baby steps, and keep the momentum, you begin to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment that has you wanting more success. With each success comes knowledge which is so empowering and is useful navigating through life. I am extremely disciplined in practicing a holistic lifestyle as I continue to see the benefits of enjoying abundance in optimal health. I love to learn new modalities and explore which resonate with me. When I find something that works, I love to share it, especially with my loved ones. Of course, I meet with some resistance as this lifestyle is not for everyone. However, I have had great success with all of my clients, and with some family members in teaching them, and guiding them in making lifestyle changes. I ask that they at least try some of what I know works in creating harmonious health and give it a fair amount of time to see how it benefits them, and then assess if it is a good fit as a lifestyle change. Perhaps it needs to be modified. Very understandable. I am a “purist” sticking to a holistic lifestyle 100% of the time. I have said to family and to clients, if you can stick to this lifestyle 80% of the time, that will make a very noticeable difference in your overall health leaving you hungry for more.

I combine a nutritional plan including exercise tailored for each individual, addiction recovery coaching, and offer a variety of holistic modalities that are healthy, fun, and exciting, to take the place of the unhealthy behaviors that keep us stuck in the addiction. As these are implemented, we work on the root cause(s) of the addiction so that clients understand where it began, and how to manage and navigate successfully in the future. It’s all about treating the whole person with love, encouragement, patience, and empathy. When something doesn’t work, we try something else. I guide in this process, and the client takes the reigns and leads. They put in the time to create the life they want to have. They manifest it. For healing in counseling and talk therapy, I refer out to licensed professionals as well.

I know folks who sit in the dark and talk the talk, but never get up to walk toward the light. In order to heal from any addiction and its co-occurring disorders such as depression, you have to do both…talk and walk at the same time….harmony…..in the light….enlightened.

Of course, the person has to be willing to take on this challenge with the realization that its hard work to overcome an addiction and its behaviors. You have a choice. You can be complacent in the dark by yourself as an unhealthy and unhappy person, making excuse after excuse, “woe is me,”  in denial, lying to yourself and others, or, you can be honest with yourself, and be humble, be assertive and be aggressive in overcoming the symptoms of this disease by asking for help and making sustainable lifestyle changes that will offer you a successful lifelong recovery. You learn to navigate slowly and steadily toward the light, and once you do, it is so much easier to envision the future as you take these new steps. I can tell you that with each step I take every day, my light is profound. I see things, I hear things, I feel things, I smell things, I taste things in a way that I never had before because I am so awake and so excited about all that I have learned and accomplished. I want to continue to experience even more, and share it with everyone, which I will continue to create for myself.

It is a profound experience which is life changing to find recovery and be successful, and it becomes even more meaningful when you can share it. You have to be the difference to make the difference. Find those who truly want to know the solution, and share it with love.

For more information on my holistic health coach program, please email me at wendyblanchard044@gmail.com.

Wishing you harmonious health 4 life!

Love and blessings,




  • This is truly one of the most eloquent and compelling articles I’ve yet read on this topic! If it doesn’t inspire and motivate those who need it most…I would be surprised. This is information written in a way others can easily digest which needs to be in the hands of your most precious loved ones…the people you most care about.

    Thank you Wendy!

  • Thank you for taking the time to read and respond Sheila. I always look forward to your professional feedback as a Life Transitions/Relationship Coach, who has guided and mentored me in my own recovery. Love and blessings.

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