“You are able to fool them all with a smile and few lines that talk about who you say you are…an autobiography of sorts..the one you want so much to be your truth. I read between the lines. I wrote the book…an open book. It takes a writer to understand a writer. I feel your pain. I see you. I hear you. Put down your pen. Breathe. Be Brave. Be courageous. Be truthful to yourself and to your audience. You cannot rewrite your story, but when you truly connect with your Higher self, in line with the Universe, you can rewrite your ending. The reviews aren’t good for this one. It can be the end of your career. Make some changes. Take pride in the work that you do. Be the character we can relate to. Get rid of the fat and get down to the bone. Let yourself be seen in the raw. That is the story I want to read. Be an inspiration.” – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC


2 Responses to “LOVE, WENDY

  • It is the most challenging part of our journey to have the gift of sight and to see clearly how those we love are fooling themselves and engaged in self-destructive self-deception. We see it. They are blind. We understand where the lies will lead. We’ve been there. That’s why we are able to see so clearly. We often stand helpless witnessing the self-sabotage our loved ones are living. We pray and we hold the space for their awakening to the truth of themselves. We know that no matter what we may scream and shout in our attempts to wake them up, they will continue to sleepwalk in the midst of their own delusions until their own inner voice of self love becomes louder than their voice of the imposter.

    Love always
    Mama Sheila

  • Wow, thank you Mama…that is loud and clear….no reading between the lines needed here. Profound…as always.

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