“What are needs? We collectively share the basic ones…food and shelter for survival of the spirit..the most essential need is love…it is the umbilical cord to a soul connection through the heart joined together by the Universe that is Divine, and no matter how sharp the words or actions, can never be severed. No matter how far we travel, that cord is our spiritual connection to each other..It is our love for each other that keeps that cord strong enough to endure physical separation. That cord supplies the vital nourishment and strength we need to heal ourselves as when one of us is deficient, we can use the other’s nutrients that carries us through our own depletion…the flow in this connection is constant…Take what you need, replenish and heal yourself..when it strikes a chord, and you hear the music..AT LAST..tug gently at the cord until you can see your spectacular soul in my eyes…face to face…AT LAST.” – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC

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