“You are walking on a rocky terrain, uphill, clutching the side of the mountain with no safety net below…dangling one foot, recklessly, eyes wide shut, and laughing as to make it appear that this climb from the bottom has been a smooth pavement with a pebble underfoot every now and then…a fun uneventful hike of sorts. You are making this climb with others whose perception mirrors your own…as you all try to ascend to the top of the mountain…the blind leading the blind. In reality, you have lost your footing, palms are sweating, and you are about to fall hard and fast…again…Follow my lead…step down slowly, back onto solid ground…one foot behind the other until you reach rock bottom…and start over allowing the Universe to guide you…you have the potential to reach the top of that mountain if you practice the steps, and ask for an experienced guide to show you the way to the top…remember, its all about the journey, not the destination. Humble yourself…tell yourself the truth…ask for help, and find a soft place to fall when necessary, a safety net, as you climb with purpose to feel every step that you experience. When you finally reach the top of the mountain and see the big picture, you will be in awe of the view, and know that you are on Higher ground.” – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC



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