“You have never known real love, BIG LOVE, where we “open to our deepest vulnerabilities…” until me, and I have never known real love, BIG LOVE until you. The BIGGER it is, the harder you fall…in love, that is. I am here to help you up…if you ask me to. By the grace of God, I was able to get up and dust myself off, although a bit tattered, I survived. You have gotten up, but seem a bit dazed and confused…it’s alright…we all get lost sometimes…We are both survivors.
I hear your footsteps getting closer. All you need is one more giant step going forward on the open road to claim the full experience …with me…BIG LOVE…trust yourself, and me, I won’t let go. Trust all that you believe to be true about the power of love…BIG LOVE. I’m “hooked on a feeling” that you are finding your way “home””at last.” I am “right in front of you” with “open arms..” You know the way…just follow your heart. If you need directions, say a little prayer, then listen to your heart. The road is clear…wide open, waiting for you to reach your destination…it’s the road less traveled, although a bit bumpy, it leads us “home.” We stopped at the fork to rest, and made a choice to pave the way, our own way, for BIG LOVE.” – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC


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