“Relationships are a compass to intimacy…or “INTO-ME-SEE…” seeing myself as I am, authentically feeling all that I try to escape, and courageously accepting all that is…VULNERABILITY…the key to an open heart which unlocks the the prison door that we fought so hard to hold shut…SURRENDER…We walk free and hold open the door for intimacy with another, no longer trying to escape behind the solid wall that was built on fear…no longer setting boundaries where we become isolated…INTIMACY…seeing into myself, and allowing you to see me…”BIG LOVE.” “- Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC




One Response to “LOVE, WENDY

  • YES!! You’re very clear on these important elements and ingredients for BIG LOVE.

    Keep it coming! You’re on a roll!!

    Love always,
    Mama Sheila

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