In surrender of the truest form, we invite in the miracles of life…love, joy, connection, and peace. I have noticed that as I had surrendered to the “all is as it is willed to be” mindset, and remained present and willing to learn, an abundant amount of experiences have presented themselves in what I have been calling to, and eager to learn. I’ve wanted to understand what makes a truly successful, joyful love relationship, and explore my spiritual Connection that I have felt for most of my life on a deeper level…a powerful “knowing,” and as I remained present, mindful, and open, the information began showing up at my doorstep. Names of relationship and spiritual “gurus”, books, invitations to spiritual/love conferences, spiritual teachers, music, television shows, media information…all inundated with the information I’ve been eager to learn, and in a marriage of two of my most sought after topics to understand on a deeper level….LOVE and SPIRITUALITY.

I have cleared old thought patterns and have been cognizant of mirroring my actions to match that of the thoughts I CHOOSE to think, as this is how I become who I CHOOSE to be…and I evolve…my soul evolves as I seek the understanding of spirituality and how it resonates with me…how through love of myself and of others, my spirituality and love experiences multiply. It is like I’ve said before, “The more I give, the more I receive, and the more I receive, the more I want to give.” In receiving abundance, we are able to offer others a great example of what we need more of…love, compassion and peace. We create a world filled with what we practice, and pass it on…a ripple effect. We truly do create what we think. Every single thought we have is vibrational and we send the frequency out into the Universe…and then like a BOOMERANG, it comes back to us. So, doesn’t it make sense to send out good vibrations? Positive thoughts? Love and light? Joy and Peace? Isn’t that what we want for ourselves? We are all connected, so we must treat each other, and want for each other, exactly what we want for ourselves.

It no longer matters to me what others, who have not found that space of ease in love and spiritual guidance as of yet, are thinking about what I SHOULD be…they haven’t had their “Experience” as of yet. I am no longer concerned with whom, or what others pray to, or believe in…I have found my own connection that is strong…I feel it in me, and around me at all times…my spiritual connection where God, the Universe, My Essence, and My Intuition, work in unison to provide me with a Higher Signal where I connect to Enlightenment, and where I enjoy a peaceful existence…one of Higher Knowing…Living from a place of LOVE, not fear. Once I surrendered to the beauty of the Words that Teach, I began to transform into an evolved soul on an infinite journey through infinite awareness...a choice that I made…to remain open and aware, and to embrace that of which was unfamiliar to me. As I embraced this space, signs, messages, and information began to fall into my lap. It was unavoidable…I could no longer ignore the fact that when you give a command performance, the Universe applauds and rewards…not of monetary value, but of an evolved spirit that is blessed with LOVE….INFINITE LOVE. Then with this strength, I am able to create anything for myself that I choose…I have learned through my Experience that when I have faith and believe, the Universe/God rewards me with more than I will ever need, or dare to dream of. My spiritual awakening was ignited by my Inner Flame…it was on “low” most of my life, and in my rebirth after I began my addiction recovery, my Flame slowly began to rise…now at the boiling point where I am overflowing. My Intuition tells me we all have the capacity to awaken, we just need to take the time to go within…to listen, to ask for Guidance, and to have blind faith that the Universe/God always provides…even when we cannot see the outcome, we just “know.” We surrender in faith, hope, and love where we “know” anything is possible…and open to infinite possibilities.

And…the key to unlock this “Experience” is GRATITUDE…even for the adversity and challenges as these are the lessons that allow us to appreciate the love and peace that we experience. I live in ease in my “Knowing,” that  my “Inner Wisdom” provides that all is well, and that the Universe/God does not condemn or punish…the Collective Consciousness/Universe/God sends us on a lifelong journey where we co-create our miracles through love, and blind faith in a Higher Connection. IT is a collective consciousness that enriches us as we remain open to a lifetime of lessons where we learn all that we are here to experience, and we become empowered as we grow and change along with the Universe’s driving directions. I have also said, “When we have an opportunity to create positive change in our relationships, and within ourselves, it is a mindful decision to grow and heal, and to live and love. Change is inevitable, growth is fortuitous. We only grow when we choose to embrace change.” 

Surrender…go with the flow…be mindful…believe and have faith…embrace every beautiful moment, even when you don’t see the beauty, trust it, and then share it with the world. Every experience is a lesson that helps us to heal and to grow, and when we pass it on to others from a place of love, we create the change we desire. And always remember to say, “Thank You.”

Love and blessings,



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