I learned from my spiritual experiences and spiritual studies that if we have a situation that causes us anxiety and fear that continues to show up in our lives, the Universe is telling us that we have not learned the lesson that It has assigned, and so it continues to create opportunities to redo our assignments until we have mastered the concept using a loving spiritual connection with ourselves, and with God, as the foundation.

In my life, I used to suffer from crippling anxiety and fear, and so in my addiction recovery, my lessons were profound so that I could learn how to navigate through stressful situations without either wanting to run far away, or becoming paralyzed and frozen by the anxiety, and subsequently numbing my pain with pills.

Whenever I felt the slightest stress in my addiction, I took a pill. I had no compass on how to navigate through the sheer panic I would encounter when a situation presented itself that I was uncomfortable with and unfamiliar with. My heart and brain began to race, I would feel tremors throughout my body, my mind would tell me things that weren’t accurate, and eventually, I shut down…fright, flight, frozen. Throughout my recovery, I have been blessed with a few wonderful teachers, holistic and spiritual teachers, who have helped me to re-train my BRAIN/EGO using an organic and spiritual path to heal, and re-learn healthy thought patterns and behaviors. I have learned to navigate effectively, and with great success. I have learned to remain calm, to observe and acknowledge my thoughts which my brain is creating based on fear, and I ask myself, “Is this true?” and I proceed from there. I no longer react. I think it through, I notice what I am feeling, I assess what is causing these feelings, and I pray for Divine guidance in a place of ease, I Surrender… I no longer allow my brain, which is a close friend of the EGO, to tell me what to do. I always let love lead the way from my heart…which creates a beautiful, happy peaceful soul. Heart and Soul are best friends and a perfect couple.

You see, I am so cognizant of the old thought patterns that used to send me into a panic mode, and I am able to recognize them immediately. These thought patterns, ego driven, were derived from a childhood where I was not protected or cherished, and so throughout my entire life, I allowed my EGO to lead the way to protect me….now I allow the presence of Spirit to protect me. EGO says, “I am in control!” I “KNOW” that God and the Universe guide me each day with loving support, and are in control, and each morning I pray for that support in my meditation…and I let it go. I feel so free. I don’t give any of it a second thought. As one of my spiritual teachers, Gabby Bernstein, has suggested, I ask each morning as I meditate and pray, “What would you have me do today…Who would you have me speak to, and what would you have me say?” Shortly thereafter, I begin to hear the presence of Spirit guiding me.

Gabby talks in detail in her new book, “The Universe Has Your Back” about showing up to all of the “stuff” that FEAR creates, or it will continue to show up unless and until you look it in the face, and honor the wound from where it originated. Otherwise it will keep coming up in different ways, and in different relationships. She tells us to witness what is going on with us and acknowledge it…honor it…ask the presence of Spirit who is always a loving support to guide us, or the Universe will give us the assignment over and over again. She tells us to show up to the “shift of energy” to awaken ourselves, to be open and willing to accept love, and then we can wake up others. She tells us that “Obstacles are detours in the right direction.” When we surrender to our wounds that are triggering us, we are able to be at peace and come from a place of love and experience joy. If we are in a loving relationship where we are fighting the love, pure love, for reasons we don’t understand, it is most likely that our partner is triggering a core wound. THIS IS A GIFT. Feel the wound and ask for the Universe’s help to heal and to surrender. This partner has been perfectly placed in your path as Divine guidance would have it…don’t fight it, accept it and be grateful. It is a chance to grow and to heal. The Universe has the habit of placing our partners in our path as a mirror so that we can see ourselves, face it, and heal.

Gabby also asks us to consider what is our “resistance to love?” What limitations and doubt do we place on love that blocks the Universe from us? Are we “playing small” by trying to control the outcome or setting time limitations on what we think we need when we think we need it? Be honest with yourself right now! Then you can begin to make much needed change! Acknowledge it and thank the Universe/God for the assignment, then, step out of the way and allow God/Universe to lead you on a clear path. Gabby suggests we accept this Divine spiritual assignment and see ourselves in our wounds so that we can come to understand why the same issues keep revealing themselves. Accept your “fear based reaction,” acknowledge it as the Divine spiritual assignment it is…don’t resist it. Ace the assignment by being totally present and allowing it all to play out with whatever that experience brings up for you. Stop hiding behind your addictions, your excuses, your FEAR…find your Spiritual Connection for whatever that means to you, and Trust It. Sometimes people are sent to us to be a Divine Assistant…allow them in…lean on them, then let it all go. Thank the Universe for the blessing. It is a Divine cleanse…trust me…

Gabby Bernstein says, “Surrender,” and when you think you’ve surrendered, surrender some more.”

Each morning after my meditation and prayer, I set an intention, and then I thank God for my blessings, and ask for the Universe to “take the wheel.” I just sit in the passenger seat and co-create the journey, always listening to Messages in a place of Ease. You never get in the way of the Universe when it is busy planning the most Divine path, or you could get knocked right back down and have to start all over again. And, if this happens, embrace your bottom and look up…all that you will see is the light that will lead you back up once again.

In returning to a spiritual connection, I have found a true presence of self love, and a reconnection of the type of love for another I’ve never before experienced. He was Divinely placed in my path. I have never experienced the type of love where love and joy are all that I desire as opposed to all the non essentials I used to think demonstrated love and happiness. This man has been a blessing and a beautiful gift…a miracle, in helping me to learn about who I truly am, all about life, God, joy, and loving another human being unconditionally, right up there with my children and granddaughter. My lessons have been so profound and of such great value, that I now share them with others who have become stuck in their story because they are living in guilt, shame and judgement of themselves…they have blocked out the Universe and even God is waiting for them to move out of the way so they can together, co-create their miracles. My other amazing spiritual teacher is Sheila Pearl who has been my spiritual advisor/mentor/teacher/”soul mother for over 3 years, tells me that EGO is an acronym for “Edging God Out.” Since my relationship with God has become so personal and beautiful, I want to be closer, and when I am not coming from fear in the EGO, I am blessed over and over with the presence of LOVE. I am co-creating my miracles.

As I see my loved ones struggling with fear, I can only advise that they define the wound that is triggering FEAR and ANXIETY, acknowledge it aloud, assess its authenticity in the here and now and how it is affecting them, and give it to God/Universe in prayer. Whenever I feel fear or anxiety rising up, I get down on my knees and pray, and I explore the “wound.” I clean it out, wash it out, and can see that it felt much worse than it actually was. I just needed to really look at it closely to see it was only an old scar, and then I can immediately feel the healing process begin. (I pray every day to stay in alignment) I had a situation today where a loved one needed to retreat from me, and and was coming from a place of fear, so I prayed for them. I walked into my workplace office, and at that very moment someone said to another employee, “It’s 11:11.” This is a clear sign that a blessing is occurring. That God/Universe’s loving presence is in control of it all and all will be ok.

I am so very excited to be a student of Spiritual Health and Wellness. It has become a big part of my Holistic Health Lifestyle, and in my practice as a Holistic Wellness Counselor. As Sheila reminds me from time to time, “it is our limiting beliefs that keeps us stuck.” We are behind the smoking gun. So, remove the self imposed restrictions, and be free! And always know you are never alone…the Universe hears everything, sees everything, knows everything, and is guiding you safely with love to reach your Highest star. The sky is the limit!

With faith, hope, and love, anything is possible!

Love and blessings,


I want to say a heartfelt, “Thank You,” to my Mama Sheila Pearl…my “soul mother,” Mentor/Teacher/Spiritual Advisor/Confidante. You have imparted so much wisdom, and I am eternally grateful for your love, your guidance, your support, and your patience on my journey. I’m so grateful and so blessed to have you along for the ride. I love you.

Thanks too, to Gabby Bernstein (who Mama Sheila introduced me to!) for being the type of Spiritual and Motivational Leader that we all need in our lives to help us to remember that we all deserve LOVE, and how to go from “Fear to Faith.”



  • Beautiful, authentic, clear and eloquent my dearest Wendy.

    I’m blessed and honored to be a traveler along the path with you.

    Love always,
    Mama Sheila

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