“When you truly know who you are, it won’t matter if another doesn’t see your awesomeness. It is wisdom that has evolved through your spirit that allows you to remain confident and to experience with joy all that you need through your love of self and manifesting all that you desire as you work with the Universe…The Richter Scale registers a 10 in abundance of your beauty, your integrity, your honesty, your spirit, and your character, which has caused a ripple effect to those who are engaged in your path of love and compassion and willing to receive…you remain in balance at all times…shatterproof to those who are cognizant of the tremors that alert the overflow of love in their path, and who are prepared for a life changing event…those who are still living in glass houses are bound for destruction…too stubborn to go with the flow, or to allow themselves the ease and grace of receiving abundance, and only in the aftershock do they realize the magnitude of their loss.” – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC


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