“When you ask yourself, “What do I truly want?” does your ego get in the way and respond, “You’re not good enough to have it?” The ego is small minded and separates itself from the heart in a power struggle…anything that seeks power doesn’t have your best interest “at heart.” It is best to turn a deaf ear to the ego’s agenda and ask your heart what it wants…listen very closely to your Inner Wisdom…listen beyond your physical limitations…tune into your heart’s desires…if your heart begins to speed up at the thought of having what you “know” you want and desire, that is your “green light” to go for it…throw caution to the wind, and don’t STOP until you have it…once you have what you truly want and realize that you are very deserving of your desires, the heart will rebalance and align you with love. The ego will remain silenced by the heart’s pounding truth which is more powerful than a small ego minded cacophony of rhetoric.” – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC


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