“I will always say what I am feeling…my truth…I honor myself with respect through carefully chosen words that are used to love, and offer comfort…I follow those words with carefully planned actions that offer the same…I honor you with respect as I speak, and as I act…I am mindful of your heart…I am sensitive to your feelings…When I say, “I love you” it means just that…I love you…I have no hidden agenda…I am simply sharing with you what is deep in my heart…all that I ask is that you receive my offering with ease and grace, and that you respectfully take care of my heart, and my feelings, as you speak, and as you act in response…If I need more, I will always speak the truth…I will always say what I am feeling…respectfully, lovingly, truthfully. THIS is me…TruthfulHonorableIntegritySensitiveSpirit. Please allow me the courtesy of expressing myself as you ask to have that same freedom. Let this be our foundation of communication…we speak, we listen, we acknowledge, we respond…we connect…in love.” – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC

2 Responses to “LOVE, WENDY

  • Hannah Schindler
    3 years ago

    This is such a beautifully written blog Wendy.. I can actually feel in my heart what you have written.. I can feel all the love in what you have written.. I needed to hear your loving words.. You are an inspiration Wendy…Love, Hannah

  • Thank you for this beautiful response to my written words of love Hannah…they are truly heartfelt. I am glad they resonated with you. I thank you for your kind words and loving validation.

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