A “Conscious Woman” longs for a loving, heartfelt soul connection that allows her to use and explore all of her senses freely with a man of the same “Higher Self“…two evolved souls who understand that a physical and emotional soul connection is spiritually defined and guided…a “Conscious Woman” longs for a man who welcomes the Energy that two evolved souls create and savor…the “Conscious Man” longs to truly experience the miracle of love with this woman…they intuitively make love in more than the physical sense…their intimacy is most deeply experienced through the heart that connects them to the deepest part of the self that is shared with the other…no words are needed…this intimacy of a spiritual and emotional connection is truly what making love is all about…the “Conscious Couple” understands that with the Universe’s guidance, we infuse the positive power of loving energy into our thoughts… consciously, so that our thoughts are at the Highest frequency…this creates a Higher Vibration where we experience the shared and profound experience of the power of love…the miracle of love…A “Conscious Couple” is introduced by the Universe…they understand that it is their conscious choice to experience this gift together as ONE…they choose to align with love…they accept this Eternal gift with humility and gratitude…a “Conscious Couple” allows themselves to always remain open and mindful of the blessing they choose to co-create…to be mindful of taking care of this rare and precious gift of love that enhances the other’s soul, and always defends the honor and integrity of this gift…where we choose to align ourselves with love...and when the enemy,…FEAR, presents itself to one, or the other, we choose to express that to our beloved…our feelings are validated…and with the Intention of choosing to realign with love…together…under the direct guidance of the Divine…we are free to choose again to shift our perception, and to re-interpret what we see…in a loving space...what we “see” is what we create…we remain open to spiritual guidance…we embrace the work that is necessary to grow, to learn, to restore ourselves, and each other, to a clear and loving path where our bond is unbreakable as we continue on our journey as a “Conscious Couple.This is the power of love. – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC



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