“Think before you speak and act…think love…offer love…take care of your own side of the street, then help your neighbors to clean up their side…offer loving and peaceful solutions…this is our community…what we think and act, we create…be the change to make the change…we must strive to create balance…we must strive to accept and offer those leading the way loving solutions that are compassionate and which benefit us collectively…solutions that offer those on the front lines a shift in perspective…a deeper understanding of the human condition…perhaps even a deeper understanding of themselves through the mirror we hold for them to experience the intimacy they have not allowed themselves to experience…the fear of the intimacy of the mirror where we do see our authentic self, and where we want to change our perspective, yet unsure how to safely navigate based on inexperience…we offer them a new path…Once we connect to our Higher Self, we are able to connect with others with an intimacy that promotes love and compassion as we see ourselves in each other…sometimes it only takes patience, empathy, compassion and loving guidance to offer a shift in perspective…a ripple effect which offers peaceful and loving solutions, following the Universe’s Divine Guidance before we speak and act. Let’s think in colors rather than in terms of black and white…this is how we create a magnificent tapestry that is weaved together to make ONE beautiful piece of art rather than leaving the scraps to be discarded…we must consider the beautiful colors and textures of each individual scrap, and include each one in our collective Masterpiece.” – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC


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