In my recovery from addiction and co-occurring disorders, I have had so much loving support and guidance to remain focused, determined, and patient, and always remembering to be kind, compassionate and come from a place of love and peace…with myself and others. Quite a shift from who I used to be! Many folks ask me how I made this shift…and here is my answer…through my spiritual practice. This practice includes daily organic nutrition and exercise, and being in loving relationships. Prayer and meditation helped me release my addictive patterns, and my commitment to personal growth helped me to heal my body and mind on a cellular and spiritual level just by strengthening my faith in the Universe. I stopped depending on sheer willpower to get me through each day…WE (the Universe, my spiritual advisor/mentor, Soul Mother,(Sheila Pearl-visit her FB page at Sheila Akin Pearl for more information on Spiritual Advice, Relationship Advice/Coaching, Life Transition Coaching), and I) worked diligently in overcoming addiction, obsession and paralyzing fear which are known symptoms of Addiction. We worked together to get to the root cause of my behavior manifested in underlying symptoms such as impatience, needing constant validity, needing instant gratification, trust and severe self esteem/self confidence issues where I exhibited very unhealthy, needy behavior in all of my relationships…to a place now where I have healed my relationship with myself, and have been able to use all of the tools that I have learned in healing my relationship with others. I have learned, albeit an ongoing process, the true meaning of love, patience, compassion and empathy for myself and my loved ones…not to expect more from myself than I am able to give, and to be grateful for whatever that means for me, and…not to expect anything other than what is offered from my loved ones, as this is exactly where they are…where WE are, and it is all a gift whenever love is offered in any amount!

The spiritual solution which has healed me, body, mind and spirit, has allowed me to learn to accept what is…and when I am disappointed in an experience that occurs, I shift my energy and focus on what is positive, and I am able to re-balance my energy to a zen state. Just getting outdoors yesterday for a walk with a friend completely allowed me to shift my energy! I have been given the gift of resiliency through my hard work in connecting with the Universe and my Guiding Loving Spirits. I am certain that I will always get through whatever experience presents itself where I land firmly back on my feet…with a smile, and the confidence to go forward. My practice of Kundalini meditation and visualization has allowed me to masterfully co-create with the Universe. I practice Kundalini meditations as they help to release addictive behaviors and patterns, and offer guidance in creating new behaviors that offer harmonious health 4 life!

We are all connected…Our relationships are strengthened in trust of one another, of unconditional love of one another, of the deep and profound understanding of the concept that I am you, and you are me.  I listen, each morning, and throughout the day, in my meditation and prayer, for specific Spiritual Guidance, answers to my most intimate questions, and any other information that I “know” is presented for me to use in planning my day. I always ask the Universe to place me wherever It needs me to be with whomever It needs me to help, and I always ask for specific guidance in what it is that I say, and do, so that I am following the Divine Plan!

This morning, during my daily writing where I speak directly to my Angels infused in meditation, I asked a specific question of my Spiritual Guides…I thanked the Universe for my blessings and said aloud that I trust that I am being guided lovingly by my Angels. I asked the Universe for a “sign” to my question today, which I do each and every day, and they always respond with love. This time, I had the radio playing in the background, and the song, “Heaven” immediately began to play upon posing my question! I was thrilled, and once again knew the Universe is supporting me every step of the way!

I truly believe in what I practice as I have seen my spiritual practice transform any challenges into solutions…all I have to do is ask and believe, and I see the transformation begin to unfold.

I am sharing again, this Kundalini meditation, as it is so powerful…“Humee Hum, Tumee Tum, Wahe Guru; I am Thine, in Mine, Myelf, Wahe Guru” where we understand the other person as ourselves, and where we offer compassion, we connect with all who have the desire to create change, and are asking for guidance. https://www.3ho.org/3ho-lifestyle/5-sutras-aquarian-age/1st-sutra-recognize-other-person-you/recognize-other-person-you.

I also use this meditation often to connect with my loved ones spiritually so that we feel each others energy through our heart and soul connection which is profound. This meditation has brought me much success in experiencing “ONENESS” with those with whom I seek a connection.
You can begin your own transformation of freedom from Addiction by applying the principles of a spiritual practice, healthy eating, exercise and surrounding yourself with loving connections and relationships as well as finding your passion and living it. Believe it and you will see it transform your life.

With faith, hope, and love, anything is possible!

Love and blessings,

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