As I reflect on another year that has passed with both challenges and blessings, I am so grateful for this journey. Through faith, hope and love, I have successfully sustained my sobriety for another year, going on my fourth year very soon, and have had the opportunity to learn so much about myself…my determination, my resilience, my strengths, and where I need to continue to build on areas where I am not as strong, as well as the depth of love that I feel for my family and loved ones, my passion, and my strong faith which has gotten me through another year.  I’ve learned so much about life, and about all of us who have our daily challenges, and how we all rise above them and go with the flow as best we can as we lean on each other for support…CONNECTION…to each other, and to the Universe.  We open our hearts and instantly feel the love and energy from those around us, and from those who are guiding us Divinely, and we are given strength to continue on our journey…we are never alone if we open our hearts…THIS, my beautiful souls…IS…THE POWER OF LOVE.

As I work each day with those that are affected by addiction and mental illness, many of whom were not as blessed as I, and as I see first hand all that they endure, I count myself very blessed to have survived this disease, and to have the opportunity to offer them my inspirational story of recovery as a light of hope as they themselves begin their own recovery.

I see myself in every one of the beautiful souls that I work with…I feel the connection, and every day I am reminded to see each person again as if it were for the first time…it’s a new day and a new opportunity for change…for growth…for healing…to see each person as me…to practice great compassion and patience as I would treat myself, and as I have been treated in my own recovery…a chance to pay it forward…to be the love I would like to receive…to be the change I would like to see…one beautiful soul at a time…through THE POWER OF LOVE.

I am so grateful for another year of sobriety, and to have the opportunity to help others on their path of recovery. My journey of addiction recovery has taken me on many winding roads, yet I have still reached my destination…peace, self love, balance, joy, and reuniting with my loved ones where we have rebuilt our relationships. Just recently, I have reconnected with my sister which has been long time prayer. It has been a process for my sister and I…baby steps…but we are gaining momentum and I am hopeful that with patience, love and compassion, we will get there. I know there will be detours in my future as I travel, but I know my way home…there are many paths.

A very wise man, someone I love deeply, once told me to take baby steps as I wanted to take giant leaps…he came into my life and taught me that patience was something which I needed to work on, which was, and sometimes still is, daunting, a work in progress, and that I need to observe and listen, not to act in an emotional state as we tend to make impulsive decisions when we do. Instant gratification goes hand in hand with an addictive mindset. I am still honing the skill of patience and I ask for patience with me as I continue my work. This very wise man taught me to be a good thinker…using the wise mind vs. the emotional mind…he once told me, “like baseball…wait for your pitch.” Just observe and listen and wait for the opportunity to present itself before you respond…calmly, with logic, and without emotion…wise mind.  I have learned so much from this man and I am able to apply it in my life, and in my work, and I will be forever grateful for the love and wisdom that he has shared with me. He has made a profound difference in my life. With much love and gratitude, I say, “Thank you,” to Steve Roman.

Thank you to all who have been a part of my journey…for your loving support and guidance, and for reading my blog. It is inspiring to know that you are reading my work as I am eager to share my journey with you in the hopes that it will touch someone else’s life in a positive way, and offer hope and inspiration to one who is struggling with addiction or mental health challenges. Writing is also cathartic for me, so thank you…thank you.

Wishing each and every one of you, and yours, a blessed holiday season, and a happy, healthy and prosperous 2017. Wishing you harmonious health 4 life!

With faith, hope and love, anything is possible.

Love and blessings,


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