“It can feel like you are fighting a losing battle…like you are dying inside…an insurmountable recovery from a lifelong pain that keeps your heart and soul imprisoned…this IS your soul crying out for your attention…urging you to use every ounce of strength and will to choose LIFE. In your metamorphosis, you will shed a part of yourself that no longer serves you that will allow you to return to homeostasis…balance…and through this transformation where you have powered through on sheer determination and will to live, you WILL recover, and you will be set free from old experiences and memories that caused your soul to need resuscitation…anger, resentment, shame and guilt only feed the darkness and impair our soul…our gorgeous Spirit. And the truth is, this all happened the way that it was supposed to happen as the Universe gave you this assignment. God knows what you need beyond your own Instincts. You needed this lesson to grow and to learn. When we stay stuck, we miss the gorgeous experience of that “Aha” moment when we “see” beyond our physical limitations, where we embrace all that we are, and all of the places we have been, and love ourselves enough to CHOOSE life.

In this, a new beginning, RING IN THE NEW YEAR  as an active participant of your life…wear your battle scars proudly…hold your head high…ravish every new experience in awe and wonderment…savor each moment…accept and receive my love, and that of the Universe.

I wish you a slow recovery…one moment at a time. The Universe is ready and waiting for you to ask for what you need in your recovery. She will co-create with you the moment you ask for support. Get rid of the self pity and stand up to yourself…Allow yourself the experience of taking small steps out of your comfort zone…it is so empowering…enlightening…Don’t drop the ball…This is your life and you will miss it again this year if you don’t start to believe in yourself, in what you deserve, in loving and accepting yourself unconditionally for the gorgeous soul that you are, the one I see and love from a distance, and in allowing the Universe, and those around you to offer you love and support. 

Wishing you a new year filled with all that you deserve in love, in peace, and in good health.” – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC


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