Last rights are administered when an ill or discouraged person neither has the strength or determination to live through any more pain caused by the serious injuries inflicted, whether self inflicted, by another, or by disease. As my last rights were about to be spoken years ago, I dug in so deep because I wanted to live, to fight for my life with every little ounce of strength I could birth…and with that strength came God’s grace and more love than I could’ve ever imagined. I put one foot in front of the other, yes, on shaky ground, and began to walk, slowly, back into my life, and continue to stay steady on my feet…most of the time. When I meet with challenges today, I am equipped with new found knowledge through my lived experiences on how to navigate and to keep my balance, and I have so much love around me whenever I need extra strength…when I am running low. 

I knew that my children would be devastated being left behind without me here, and they were my inspiration, as well as my granddaughter, to CHOOSE life. I wanted to experience things with them, I wanted to love again, I wanted to make a difference in the world…these are things you admire about me, and you were a catalyst in my experience of new love…unconditional love…you showed me the power of what love for another can do. You helped to instill my faith in love…you asked for nothing in return. You were my inspiration…and I love you just the way you are. 

It’s time for you to work through your pain in a way that will set you free…it is your last chance to experience all the joy and love that God and the Universe are waiting to grace YOU with…and you have to be willing to receive. I would advise that before you allow another sun to set where the darkness causes you so much pain, and last rights are necessary, and you really are “left alone,”dig deep…pray…humble yourself…hit your knees and ask for Divine Guidance into the light, and out of the darkness that has become your comfort zone. When you become uncomfortable, you will experience joy and love, you will have unimaginable experiences and blessings which you will otherwise miss, and the pain will slowly subside. The new experiences will replace those that have left you scarred, and the scabs will heal in the right environment where you allow yourself to receive all that you so well deserve in the name of love. Crawl, walk slowly toward me, and I will love and guide you. I have still been holding the space.

Time is running out, or, it is just beginning in the new year. Your choice. It is up to you to choose to either “exist,” or to truly LIVE your life where you participate and co-create your desires because you can…because you are a self proclaimed man of faith, a man who believes in God, who is all about love, balance, integrity, trust, and building a solid foundation that allows us to withstand any blows…together…where being a couple makes it easier than when we are alone to accept the challenges that are a part of life. You can remove the barriers that are blocking you from all you desire and deserve, or remain behind the road blocks that safely keep you imprisoned. You have the strength within. Pray for God’s blessing in healing. The time has come to “rise up…” one way or another. 

With faith hope and love, anything is possible.

Love and blessings…always,



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