Falling in love is easy…staying in love takes unwavering commitment…

Falling in love is an exciting time of discovery and can also be a scary experience as we allow another to witness our authentic self, raw, vulnerable…where we expose our soul.

Staying in love is a choice that we make where we set an INTENTION in commitment to love unconditionally… inspired by imperfections and the realities of being human…to love everything about another…to say, “I choose you,” and to LIVE these words, and to expect the same in return.

The Universe always provides us with what we ask for, most especially in love as the Universe is all Loving…When we set an intention, when we make a choice that enhances our life, and that of another, and…we expect miracles, we can expect to be given what we have asked for…

Love is a precious gift…priceless…rare…to be given away, and that which always returns.“ – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC


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