There are so many choices that we can make to remain in good health…the foods that we eat either create inflammation, or promote healthy cells and wellness. A spiritual practice helps us to Connect to the Universe’s loving guidance where we know we are never alone, and can ask for answers to our questions that offer a peaceful solution to our soul. Moving about daily in exercise of any type for at least 30 minutes a day offers us benefits that include the body, mind and spirit. Always coming from a place of love of self, and others, offers empathy and compassion which ripples out, and always comes back to us. Finding our passion, and igniting our enthusiasm in our work, and in our personal life, offers joy…Practicing meditation offers the stillness we need to realign our thoughts where we can choose the most positive response that will offer us the most beneficial outcome. Surrounding ourselves with loving relationships that enhance our lives is as important as the foods we eat…if we surround ourselves with negativity, it breeds inflammation to our spirit which affects our physical and mental health…if we surround ourselves with positivity, we choose to enhance our overall wellness. Connection to others is vital for our sound mental and physical health which feed each other…we support and love each other at all times…Connection has been proven to increase a positive mindset and physical health…Being involved actively in our community and helping others offers a sense of purpose, and promotes a healthy community! Sound financial health offers us structure and discipline that promotes a wealth of wellness. BALANCE is the key to everything.

Find your balance, and plant yourself deeply into your faith and know what specifically works for you in each category…When you are leaning to one side, go within…quietly, and ask yourself through the Universe’s guidance, “What do I need to change, or to work on, that will bring me back into balance?” The answer will always be there…if we want to hear it…We can view this is an awakening as we pay close attention to our senses, our bodies, our minds, and allowing ourselves to see and hear beyond our physical limitations.

If you would like more information on my holistic health coaching program where we will work together to achieve your health and wellness goals, and a free health intake, please contact me at 845-263-4094.

It IS all a balancing act.

Wishing you harmonious health 4 life!

Love and blessings,


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