“The best moments are the little, yet profound moments that we connect with the Universe. Spiritual Awareness is where all growth, connection, and healing begins…within ourselves, and in our relationships. An organic and powerful alliance…a gift through the Loving Support and Connection to the Universe…We must dig deeply within to make that Connection…to be willing to face ourselves…to be brave in seeing ourselves authentically, and in making changes that will allow us to further evolve emotionally, and spiritually…This is where the work begins, a lifelong education, and as we remain open to becoming a spiritual student, we open the Channels of communication that lead and guide us each day to live a life where we discover the energy of our own unique Spirit…of our own power. We can achieve an awareness of our Highest Self through conversations in meditation and prayer with the Universe which are a deep and meaningful Source of a series of little yet profound moments. These moments have the power to elevate our awareness to a Higher level…which creates a transformation of the human spirit.” – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC

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