“She’s hanging onto the edge of the side of the mountain with one hand…she looks up and prays, and she looks down to contemplate the fall…Her sweet childlike mind tells her that letting go will be the easier way to find peace, but her heart tells her to wait…Each day her mind flirts with that final fall, but her heart gives her the strength to hang on…even for one more day. She seeks acknowledgment from anyone now…anyone who will tell her she is so loved, and that all of the answers she needs are found by looking up, staying deeply grounded in faith in the Universe, and listening to that Inner Guidance, that Internal Compass, that GPS (God’s Plan of Surrender), and trust that when you let go, the Universe will be waiting with a safety net. We continue to encourage her, and pray with her that her GPS will lead her to take the road less traveled.” – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC

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