It is so empowering to do the hard work on oneself that offers insight into how strong the mind is…exploring our inner resources that offer us the strength to navigate through adversity and challenge, and the strength to love deeply and passionately…Depending upon how we use this miraculous muscle, it can cause us dis-ease, or it can motivate us to train for the miraculous marathon of living, and to find our balance and endurance in each exercise that we tackle. Our resilience allows us to land on our feet as we stretch the mind each day to build its strength…The Universe is our Trainer, and with Spirit’s love and guidance, along with our full participation, we can recover from a bruised muscle…We have the opportunity each day to workout to the best of our ability, where we acquire more and more wisdom and information to successfully and courageously arrive at the finish line. – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC

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