Today I am 60 years young…How many people get the opportunity to say they were born twice in one lifetime…The Universe brought me back to life five years ago, and it has been a journey of healing, of hope, of a deeper understanding of being a mom and offering a more loving, strong and present mom to my children, of deep and profound love with a man who was, and will always be, my soulmate and twin flame, being a loving and present friend, colleague, and spiritual warrior, and most importantly, discovering who I truly am and where my passion lies, and implementing it all into this beautiful and blessed life that I live. Today, I am so grateful to God first, and to my children, my loving friends, my colleagues, my spiritual advisors, my team of medical professionals, and to the man who I fell in love with over three years ago who taught me so much about love, and about myself.

Love and blessings,


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  • Thank for making me an important part of your life. ♡

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