So many celebrations for my 60th! Thank you to my amazing and loving children who just went above and beyond. Spending quality time with my children was the HIGHLIGHT of my birthday…and, Mama Sheila, Vicky, and my new friend, David, for making it so special for me. This has been a difficult time, and you all have made me feel so cared about and loved. So much laughter, smiles, conversation, fun, music, and love…I cannot put into words how overwhelmed I feel…just truly blessed. I am looking forward to this new decade with hope, faith, love, and trust in the Universe, where I will Co-Create with the Loving Universe, personally and professionally all that I desire…with all of you alongside of me.

It is said that when God closes one door, He opens a window. This birthday has brought in a breath of fresh air in opportunities and new friends…connection…hope again. I am so excited to see where the road leads to.

Thank you for helping to start off my 60s with so much beauty and light, and to the over 150 texts, calls, cards, and messages through every social media outlet. It is so truly humbling.

I am forever grateful.

Love and blessings,


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