Being in a state of less than 100% wellness is frustrating to a driven and passionate soul like me. As I continue to work through the healing process, and accept new health challenges, it is my choice to remain in a mindset of wellness. Today my trainer told me that he has seen me take on obstacles head on, and rise above them. He said that rather than take it head on right now, to just walk around them carefully, and I will still arrive at the same place…safely. Great advice, Bob.

So, today, although my body was not ready to move full speed ahead, I was able to do the basics however rudimentary it felt, and I achieved my goal of moving the muscles, joints and limbs that have been unwell, as well as enjoyed cardio, and most importantly, food for my mental health…always with the visualization of wellness and healing, and reminding myself that the body can heal itself if we use the right tools…beginning with our thoughts which are our best “coach,” as they can add to our inflammation, or enhance our healing and wellness.

My trainer, Bob, my friend/Coach David, and my loving mentor/Coach/Spiritual Advisor, Sheila, Steve and my children, my doctors, and all of my loving friends, are reminding me every day that I am strong, and that I will heal, and be in full swing again before I know it. I am grounded deeply in faith, and surrounded by so much support and guidance.

Expect Wellness…Expect Miracles.

Wising you harmonious health 4 life.

Love and blessings,




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