“Today I choose to let it go…all that has been toxic which was causing my physical health to decline, and that which no longer serves me…all of it. I am practicing the self care and self love that I deserve, and that which I encourage others to practice…Today, after a day of deep meditation, of prayer with Spirit, and honest conversation with a brilliant “mind coach,” who has offered me additional tools in self love/self care practices, I am finally ready to let it all go…for me. To yes, begin again…I will not wait…today is the day. Life is to be lived…in peace…in joy…in faith, hope and love. No resistance…no barriers…I will follow, and I will trust, the Universe’s guidance…to peace…to health…to love…once again. I deserve to own it all…and it has presented itself to me…I choose to explore. Whether or not others are willing to evolve on their journey has no bearing on my own, which has always been the road less traveled, and where I always arrive successfully, and safely at my destination. The Universe and I are navigating this ship safely to the shore.” – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC

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