“When you create a storyline in your mind, and remain in the fairytale that you have created to avoid the non-fiction section, your only reality is your perception…which is not real…When we feel afraid to face our own truth, and we continue to be the victim, where we inherently know that we have to make changes but feel too afraid to pick up a pen and write a new chapter, we lose out on creating the best seller that we desire, and deserve. If you keep living the same storyline…you keep living the same “life.” Be the hero of your story…close this book, and begin again. Life is meant to be LIVED…with adventure…with joy, and especially with love and connection…We can either continue to make excuses and place blame on others, or we can step up to ourselves with great courage and confidence and look at the parts of ourselves that are broken…to do the inner work…to ask for help…and to write a new story…We hold our own pen to the paper…” – Wendy Blanchard. M.S., CHHC

2 Responses to “LOVE, WENDY

  • Catherine Sommer
    1 year ago

    My beautiful friend. Your words brought me to tears this morning. You so touched my heart. I have been writing a “new story” for myself for almost two weeks. Your encouraging words & positive thoughts lead me. Thank you.

    • You are so welcome Catherine. Sending much love and prayers for your new story to be that of inspiration and healing for you.

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