Over the past couple of months, I have been working with a man who calls himself a MIND COACH…David is brilliant…he is so encouraging, and he is such a bright source of light to me. David is the creator of a magnificent and very effective program called “Let It Go,” and he has been featured on ITV and the BBC news in the U.K.

David helps people to learn and to use many powerful tools to change their negative thinking to positive, to improve their moods and energy, and uses the F.I.T. Mind Model in his practice as well as the Blueprint process, including that of neuroscience.

David and I have our Face Time every day and have become close friends, and colleagues, and we are planning an upcoming workshop when David visits in just a few weeks.

David has empowered me in so many ways to further grow and to evolve, and he came into my life at the perfect time. His sweet and positive demeanor, his deep rooted self reflection questions which make one “go deeper,” as he says, and his spiritual guidance have been a great gift in my healing, and moving forward. His energy and enthusiasm are completely contagious!

As soon as we have the details for David’s workshop, I will post here on my website. In the meantime, please visit David at www.mind.coach. You can also follow David on Facebook, and on Instagram/Mind Coach.

It never ceases to amaze me how connected we all are to the Universe, and how the Universe brings us people to connect to at exactly the time when we are in need. Each morning in my prayer and meditation, I always ask the Universe to “show me today where to go, who to see, what to say, and to whom, to inspire and help one other person.” The Universe ALWAYS answers. I also ask the Universe to place people in my path that will enable me to continue to evolve on my journey, and for me, David has been one of those people.

If we have an open mind and are willing to learn from others, and if we truly believe that the Universe “speaks” to us so that we do not remain “stuck” in our thoughts and in our behaviors where we allow ourselves to be guided to further learn and to grow, our possibilities are limitless in all aspects of our lives…in relationships, in business, and most especially on our spiritual journey. For me, my spiritual practice is my deepest Connection, and guides me daily to achieve my Highest Self, and to offer myself to helping others.

Listen beyond your physical limitations, and the Universe will offer you the guidance you seek. In the quiet of your meditation and prayer, listen for the answers. It is always there and it comes from within.

Sat Nam,


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