In my recovery, I have been very diligent in doing all of the things that makes one “whole healthy.” Recently, due to some health issues, I was not able to exercise at all, and was in a great amount of pain that barely allowed me to sit or stand comfortably. And, it takes a toll on one emotionally as exercise, for me, is also my “anti-depressant.” I began to notice a small amount of weight gain, and began to panic. This type of thinking is from an eating disorder that I once struggled with, but, with new found self respect, self love, and self care, and the knowledge as a holistic health counselor that my body must heal first before I can re-introduce my exercise regimen, I took a deep breath, and reassured myself that this is only temporary…I am beautiful at any weight because I have come to love the woman that I am from the inside out. This is another one of my greatest accomplishments in addition to my successful recovery from prescription drugs, where I am now in my 5th year.

For the past couple of days, the Universe has been sending me information where I knew that even in pain, I needed to take a slow, short walk, and I did. Each day I increased my walk by a few steps, and today, I got the “feeling” that it was safe for me to go to the gym and do some very simple exercises, and I did. With Lyme disease, in my case, the more I move, the less I feel pain. And, I have been taking lots of Turmeric and other homeopathy for pain. In addition, using heat, detox baths with Lavender oil, and Raindrop Therapy, a type of massage on the spine and feet with essential oils, is helping my body in the healing process. I have been eating my usual organic meals, extra protein and leafy greens, no carbs, no sugar, no dairy, lots of water…I always suggest half your weight in ounces of water, taking extra Magnesium which helps with pain, Acupuncture, extra Saccharomycin to restore the¬†friendly bacteria,” to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in the stomach and intestines,” using Cellular Oxygen Enhancement in my water (a natural antibiotic and detoxifier), and yes, have had to be placed on a regular anti-biotic for the Lyme and bacterial infection. When I finish the anti-biotic, I will ramp up on a Probiotic as our gut health is the most important, as it is the hub of our immune system. If our gut is unwell, our body and our brain, become dis-eased. As a wise man once told me…”It’s all about balance,” and it’s all good. It is important to keep an open mind, even when living a holistic lifestyle. Sometimes we must combine Eastern and Western medicine. And of course, my prayer/meditation daily practice and my music, are what keeps me grounded and connected each and every day.

I was so overcome with gratitude after my workout today, however simple and easy, that I began to cry…LOL…I feel so blessed to have my prayers heard, and answered, and to have so many wonderful friends, my loving children who have been so supportive in my illness, and a few very close and special friends/colleagues, who have been lovingly guiding me. Where would this girl be without her friends…I am so lucky and so grateful. I believe that the Universe speaks to us through people, and that is how I navigate each day. In my prayers, I ask for guidance, and each day, I am given that guidance. And…I am healing.

I am getting ready for surgery in two weeks that will leave me out of commission for a few days, but yesterday the doctor cleared me for surgery, and he said, “you are very healthy.” So, even with Lyme and a bacterial infection that have dragged me down for months now, I am coming out of it. Doctor’s exact words.

Never give up on anything. No matter what it may look or feel like…NEVER…When you have deep faith and believe in miracles, and you ask for what you know you need, you Co-Create with the Universe. Patience, positivity, faith, gratitude, paying it forward, living in love and joy, even more patience, practicing self advocacy, and the knowing that the Universe hears all, and lovingly provides whatever we need…in Her/His own time, is how I choose to live. Faith…Hope…Trust…Love, and calling upon my loved ones to help me to remain grounded if I need support and guidance. We are never alone.

Thank you to all of you who have sent me texts, inspirational quotes, emails, phone calls, and have showed up personally to offer loving support, and prayers. It has carried me through each and every day in a way that has been a deep piece of my healing process…

To your good health!

Love and blessings,




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