“Healing our wounds heals us spiritually, emotionally and physically. If we do not put in the time and effort into understanding and healing our past…the emotional pain manifests into physical pain, as we are not in alignment. We must find the courage and be brave enough to go behind the wall where our truth is waiting to be set free…and make peace with it. It is only when we live our truth, and are willing to embrace our past however painful, yet not allow it to break our spirit, that we are free to live in the present moment with joy, peace, and love…a gift that only we can bestow upon ourselves. There is a direct connection between our emotional and physical health…if these are in alignment, our spirit flourishes and reaches the Highest Vibration of Connection where we manifest a state of “ease.” Otherwise, we may find ourselves in a constant state of “dis-ease.” As we acknowledge our pain and we ask for Loving Guidance from our Loving Spirit/Universe/God…and we are offered answers through those who are trained to help us to heal…we begin to notice, as we truly let go of the pain that has been ailing us for so long, that slowly…we are restored to a state of “ease,” and alignment…by the Grace of God/Universe/Spirit.

In my own experience, this was my journey. It has been a long and winding road, but I have never wavered off of my path KNOWING that it is my choice to rid myself of the pain as I work with those who are trained to guide me in this process…it is my choice to be proactive in my healing with a mindset of no other way but forward, with conviction…as challenging as it has been at times…it is my choice to remain deeply in my faith in God, and our Loving Universe, so that when I ask for healing Guidance, I may remain open to the answers I am given. My healing has been quite a journey…my alignment is once again, strong and fit…and I continue to “tune up” or “adjust” as needed. I am cognizant of the times where I need to ask for help…and I am humble enough to do so…

Five years ago, shortly after I began my own recovery, my son, Matthew, and I, began a blog/website (no longer online as I am writing a book from that “blog!!”) called The RX Diaries, where my son designed a platform for me to write about my recovery from addiction and mental illness. He came up with the words, “RECOVERY…REBIRTH…RELEASE,” and used a butterfly as the focal point of my logo. No truer words resonate with me. The butterfly is a true depiction of my journey. I have broken free from the darkness…and I am free to live in my truth.

We have many “rebirths,” throughout our lives, and each time we “release,” what we have learned no longer serves us, and we shed that “skin,” we continue to learn…to grow…to evolve…and to remain in a state of EASE within our truest and Highest Self…and, where we are also able to offer ourselves fully to helping others on their journey.

Recovery from anything is ongoing. It IS a journey, and it is all about what road we CHOOSE to travel…There are times when we travel in the darkness…there are times when we hit a roadblock…and we must remember that at some point, as we remain focused, as we remain in Faith, as we remain determined to arrive at our destination…the sun WILL shine the light on us once again so that we may continue on our way “home…” For me, I chose the road less travelled, yet have never lost my way.”

Love and blessings,


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