It is an exciting time for me. I have finally finished writing my first book. Each morning during prayer, I ask the Universe to guide me in finding one who has experience in writing, and who could help me to publish this book…The Universe always answers.

Recently, while I was working, a colleague/friend called to me as I walked down the hall of the hospital where I facilitate a Recovery group. We caught up on our news, and I mentioned my book. He shared with me that he has written three books, and offered me the name, and contact info of his editor…I smiled and said, “Joe, you called me into your office today guided by the Universe!”

My book is a love story…love of self, love of God/Universe/Spirit, of my children and their devotion, love, and encouragement as I navigated through these past 5 plus years, of family and friends who never gave up on me, of having the profound opportunity to work on the front lines in my community in the field of Addiction/Mental Illness, and of so many who were placed on my path to guide me in exploring my truth and living it. This book is also an expression of gratitude for the second chance at life I have been given in my recovery, and it is based on the love of a man, love of my life, that I spent three years with in a loving relationship in my recovery, who was instrumental in teaching me so much about myself through his unconditional love and guidance, and his unwavering belief in me as I continued to grow, to learn, and to evolve, and where much of my inspiration for writing was born.

I have written, and chosen, the most powerful and relatable of my quotes and my articles, on recovery, on my spiritual path that has become the anchor in my life, on love, on healing, on enlightenment, and have written, for each one, self reflection questions that are thought provoking, and will be deeply meaningful to those in recovery. This “journal” is a way of staying connected to oneself each day through one’s thoughts and emotions, guided by my own story of recovery. It is an opportunity for setting short term goals, and ongoing self assessment that may be tweaked at any time as we examine, daily, our strengths and weaknesses, and as we choose to make different choices that benefit our mental, physical, and spiritual wellness.  Memorializing our journey is cathartic as we release our feelings and emotions, and is an opportunity to help others who may connect with our story. We are all ONE, and we experience much of the same thoughts, feelings and emotions. It is an opportunity to bridge the gap where we think we are separate from everything and everyone else.

I’ve even included recipes that I have created over the past 5 plus years in recovery that are not only healthy (many of which are gluten and dairy free) to provide easy and healthy choices as those reading this book may want to make additional healthy lifestyle changes in addition to choosing recovery…from any illness.

My book is still in the early stages of editing, and publishing a book has been a lifelong dream. I have so much to share with others, especially those in recovery from Substance Use Disorder and Mental Illness, as has been my own journey. In our active disease, we floated along without love of self, without spiritual guidance, without healthy relationships, and without healthy and proper nutrition. I am certain that through sharing my experiences, others will benefit through self awareness, self reflection and self love. As we connect to our inner guidance through the love of the Universe, as we use self care as our first line of defense in healing, and as we allow ourselves to love, and to be loved, slowly…we establish ourselves on a path of recovery that resonates with each of us in whatever way we feel most connected, and in harmony. The most important of reminders is that connection is key, we are never alone, gratitude brings awareness and blessings, and that all we need to do is ask for Guidance, and it is given.

Wishing you harmonious health 4 life.

With deep gratitude, love, and blessings,



  • Catherine Sommer
    1 year ago

    I wish you good luck as your book is being prepared for publishing! My cousin just published his first book called As Above, So Below. It was inspired by an experience he had where angels helped him..read the preface and you will be in awe of what he’s lived! I am so proud of him..& you! Keep us advised..want to be one of the first to get it!! ❤️

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