“As I prepare to say “Bon Voyage” to my precious son as he heads out on an exciting adventure to faraway places, I am so grateful for the close bond that we have created, and the deep and meaningful conversations that we share . This young man has faced adversity and challenges with grace, dignity, and integrity, and to say that I am deeply moved by his candor and his resilience, is an understatement. My son continues to inspire me with his loving, resilient spirit, and his raw music where he shares his deepest emotions, combined with his incredible and vast musical talent, and turns it all into a composition that speaks to each of us…directly, and touches that inner knowing that we all experience the same feelings and emotions…and we all sing along to the same song.

As my son prepares to embark upon this exciting adventure, and his music tour in the U.K., we know that we are always connected. Love knows no space or time. My heart explodes with joy and excitement, topped with great pride at his accomplishments, his diligence, hard work, and persistence. Matthew has been creating music for decades, and this last record has truly touched so many lives as he truly connects to the human spirit, and is able to reach into our hearts and draw out our deepest truth where we say to ourselves, “I am not alone. We are all the same.”

Bon Voyage my love. I am so excited, as always, to receive your daily photos, videos, and texts. You brighten each and every day of my life, and I am so excited for you to have this experience. I know you will have so much inspiration for your next record. Keep moving forward. Keep writing. Keep singing. Keep making music.

Love you,




  • Arlene Kahn
    1 year ago

    Reading this has brought joy to my heart. You should be so proud of this amazing young man, as you are, and don’t forget a little pat on your back as no doubt you had a lot to do with this amazing gift that you have. <3

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