“It is a blessing when we connect with friends on a soul level. It is a deep spiritual connection of friendship. I am getting ready to meet one of my “soul” friends who is here from the U.K., and in just a few days we will meet face to face! We’ve had a sweet friendship through collaborating in our work as coaches/mentors/speakers, and he has been an amazing guide and coach to me personally for which I am so grateful. We have spent so much time with each other on Face Time and daily communication through calls, texts and emails, and now we get to meet in person.

The Universe brings together friendships that enhance our lives, and where we have the opportunity to enhance someone else’s life as well. We are all here to love and support one another…The Universe conspires to create lasting friendships between those whose energies match who are eager to help and inspire those whose light is burning low, and for those who are in need of an energetic “kick start.” It is an honor and a privilege to work with like minded souls where we connect energetically, and where, by the grace of the Universe’s loving Guidance,  we are able to offer that positive and healing energy to others.” –  Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC

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