The Pastor spoke of self centeredness, and that “too many of us are so self centered that we do not realize how self centered we are. Pride separates us from” God/Universe/Spirit. “It is a dangerous poison that we cannot see or hear…or feel.” He continued on that “he who walks in humility and is able to humble himself,” learns and grows, receives love and guidance, and is truly connected, and that “any worthwhile living comes from confronting oneself”…facing oneself…and accepting imperfections of self…humility.

He went on to talk about those who feel they have everything in the comfort of their world, yet, the emptiness still haunts our comfort, and our peace. When one “drifts” from God/Universe/Spirit’s Love and Guidance, we are separating ourselves from the Universe…EGO prevails...When we “walk the talk,” we experience love and blessings…


When we remain Connected to ourselves in our truth, and to God/Universe/Spirit, we “KNOW” and truly appreciate that all the good that we are “given” is a gift…Every breath is a gift…Life is a gift…Love is a gift…and we say, “Thank you” for each and every blessing.

Love and blessings,


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