“One of the most jarring experiences I’ve had of late is observing a grown man living with an irrational mind and serious mental health challenges display the authenticity of “mania” but refusing help…

This man cried and sobbed, and repeatedly cried out, ”I’m so broken…” and refused to allow himself the connection to  support. I had witnessed behavioral patterns in the past that raised red flags so many times…and of late, more information has come to my attention that has shed a bright light onto the seriousness and duration of his disease…

As I continue to lead by example and to be a guiding light thriving in my own recovery for those with strength and determination who wish to live in recovery…this reality will forever be etched in my mind…We cannot even lead one to the water…those living with mental health disorders must be ‘dying of thirst” in order to take a drink…Even then, some live with deep delusions and in isolation and cannot see the depth of their disease, and loved ones pretend not to notice due to fear and stigma… being uninformed… being misinformed…and the “not in my family” mindset. We must continue to have an ongoing open dialogue to raise awareness and eliminate stigma.

Mental Health is a part of every human being. Fearing your symptoms leads to lifelong struggles that result in a disability that is far more paralyzing than physical illness…some mental health disorders such as “Schizophrenia and Bi-Polar, are far more debilitating than Paraplegia.”

If you or a loved one is living with a mental health disorder, you may contact your primary care physician, psychologist, nurse practitioner, or your local N.A.M.I. Chapter ( National Alliance on Mental Illness) or Mental Health Association for support and resources.

With ongoing support and treatment, we recover, we thrive, and we have the ability to live, laugh, love, and learn. Life is to be lived in every moment.

Love and blessings,


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