I have become my own definition of “self.” I have Co-Created with the Universe…

I have grown into all that I had envisioned, and have God’s blessing to share my insight on self love, care, and growth, with others. This past year, most especially, has given me the opportunity to grow through deeper self discovery, self care, self love, and deeper self work with professionals such as a life transitions coach, mind coach, and others, including transformational spiritual teachers, speakers, and leaders. I, myself, was given an incredible opportunity to share my own transformational story of recovery from lifelong Substance Use Disorder, through delivering my Keynote Speech at the Chris Ashman Wellness and Recovery Conference last month. I received amazing accolades and feedback with words like, “inspirational,” and “dynamic.” This is such a blessing, as this is my greatest passion, and joy…to be of service to others through my own experience of recovery through wellness…body, mind and spirit. In order to be of the Highest service to others, we MUST live our own truth…openly, with ease and grace, authentically, regardless of others opinions, or beliefs. BE YOU…DO YOU…FOR ONLY YOU…then, PAY IT FORWARD.”

When we focus on what others think, and what others say we “should” do, that usually benefits their ego/fears, and we allow them, YES, WE, allow them, to take us down with them, and change the trajectory of our path as we now become the passenger in our life, rather than the driver. Remember that we only need to follow the Universe’s road map. When we follow the Loving Guidance of the Universe/God/Spirit, we will always remain on the right path. We MUST know ourselves, advocate for ourselves, and never be afraid to use our voice to speak our truth…and, if it scares people away, they are not meant to be a part of our journey. LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE BEGETS LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE.

Through my deep “self work,” I have transformed my life and morphed into the woman I envisioned becoming, the mom my children deserve to have, a friend, colleague, leader, teacher, and loving partner. It has been a slow and organic process over the past 6 years, with definite obstacles and detours along the way…meaningful lessons that have enriched my life, and of those around me.

You need only look within to find who you are, open your mind to the willingness to change, ask for support from those who can offer loving guidance according to your wishes that will foster growth, take a small action step to begin your journey, one baby step at a time, practice commitment, use the obstacles and challenges to learn, to evolve, and to enhance your experiences, and transform your life…YOUR WAY…and, then, PAY IT FORWARD.

Stand deeply in your faith in God, and you will ALWAYS be guided lovingly.

Very recently, the Universe has brought to me beautiful gifts…a deeper, richer closeness with my children, and, a man who I have begun to adore. He is a breath of fresh air, and our “journey” as we call it, is only just beginning. What an exciting time for even deeper discovery…together, in this already beautiful and meaningful connection with this sweet man. The moment that I “let it all go,” just a few weeks ago, and trusted the Universe to show me a miracle…he showed up as if from the Heavens…this feeling of connection happened only once before in my life, so I am so excited to be on this new journey with infinite possibilities.

The Universe always provides and answers our prayers, especially when we show up and do the self work, and in offering help, guidance, and love to others…This is where we create a ripple effect.

There is great and profound meaning in the saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

I finally feel whole, and ready to offer myself, my lessons, and my experiences as testimonials that when we set an Intention, followed by resetting our mindset, taking action, practicing commitment, and always believing that the Universe/God/Spirit is guiding us in what is in our “Highest Education,” we transform our lives…We graduate, and we become the teacher…always remaining the student, of course.

Love and blessings,


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