“From the mindset of a young girl who sought attention and validation for all of MY choices and successes, and sought to be cradled in MY pain, to a grown ass woman whose healthy choices, self healing, and successes promote self confidence, self admiration, self awareness, and the presence of mind that I made it all happen THROUGH the pain…MY way…I stand deeply in humility and, with the deepest sense of gratitude, I pay it forward…with all my love.

Six years of recovery, lessons and experience deeply rooted in a spiritual transformation and self love has prepared me to stand alone, yet surrounded in love of so many faithful souls, as I navigate the present moment every day challenges.

Feeling rich in relationships, loaded in love, steeped in spirituality and wealthy in wellness as I continue on my path of recovery…and always excited to share my journey with those ready to walk the talk on the road of recovery.

Love and blessings,


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