When we finally fire our ego and realize it’s not always about oneself, we are able to enjoy relationships that are healthy where we know how to negotiate and find resolution.

Today the Universe provided me with an opportunity to practice my own counseling guidance. Rather than resorting to old behaviors where I wouldn’t negotiate and wanted instant results, my bestie and I had a FaceTime conversation and through active listening, non judgemental listening, breathing mindfully and observing my emotions, patience, respect and compromise, we were able to find a successful solution that worked for both of us. I was able to understand his thoughts and empathized with his feelings. Often, we don’t take the time to really listen or remain engaged because we’re so busy thinking about “ME” and what to say next to “win.” I loved the absolute presence of engagement on both our parts, and the willingness to work it all the way through to resolution. Inspiring for me to observe my growth, and actually grateful for the “assignment” that I believe the Universe places on our path to offer insight and growth as we evolve.

Responding respectfully versus reacting in the heat of the moment provides an opportunity to set clear intentions and successfully reach a resolution.

Clarity, preparation as in utilizing emotional regulation tools, and mindfulness equates to transformation and success!

It is, of course, an ongoing journey of “continued education,” and “professional development.”

This is how grown ups work through challenges! I’ve arrived!  Check please! 😊😉

Love and blessings,



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