“I am so many beautiful things, and who I am should never come into question by those who know me, and claim to love me…

When my integrity is questioned, I take it so personally and I am also aware that one is projecting their own issues making me empathetic to their mindset.

Nevertheless, I love who I am enough to recognize when relationships and/or connections no longer serve me. When others continually live in the past, unevolved and stuck, and unwilling to work through challenges, I continue on my own path of a healthy mind, body and spirit. There I find the right people, places and things that benefit my continued wellness…those who want to believe and practice the mindset of what we put in, we get back. Wellness is a choice. Love is a choice. Peace is a choice.

Self love…self care…self preservation equals wellness, and wellness is where we stand in our power.” – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC

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