Recently, I was told by a very wise intuitive man, “Do not doubt your intuition.” I knew exactly what he meant…

I have known for most of my life that I have been blessed with a gift of a spiritual “knowing” and intuition…or Divine guidance, as the Universe communicates with me through many paths of Higher communication. In the 3 1/2 years of my recovery from prescription drug addiction, my connection is stronger than ever…spiritually, as my senses are in a heightened state of awareness and receiving. I am blessed to be fully awake to experience all of the beautiful and meaningful moments of my life…cognizant and mindful of all the little details that are presented to me by the Divine, that I now use to co-create my mosaic.

Every artist excitedly memorializes their art and yearns to share its beauty and message. Each morning I sit and reflect, I meditate and pray, for Divine guidance for the day. As each detail is revealed to me, and my “knowing” and intuition are validated, I add another tile to my mosaic as I continue to see my vision come to life. I record each and every beautiful stroke as the tiles continue to tell a story. My story. The story that began with a troubled soul like a caterpillar in the darkness of a cocoon, that has now evolved into a magnificent butterfly flying freely and experiencing abundance through the Divine…living in blissful harmony, always in the present moment, and stopping to smell all of the flowers along the way in connection with the Universe…always with my loved ones in my heart…connected soul to soul, no matter where we are in the physical realm.

As I remain in a state of complete openness and receiving, I feel an ease of flowing energy between myself and the Divine. I am inspired to create. I am safe in this space feeling loved and protected as I co-create and manifest my dreams. I am connected. I stay connected even when loved ones feel disconnected…my intuition guides me. Through Kything, “a communion skill, a spirit-to-spirit loving presence which can bring about a deep sense of peace and communication,” I connect to my loved ones, and offer them an expression of my love and support, as I let them know I am always with them through the flowing energy of the Universe.

My artwork is a reflection of my soul. It has expression that reveals inner beauty, and rich and vibrant color with a stillness that offers energy and healing from the cracks that once broke my foundation…now barely visible to others, yet always a part of my tapestry…a reminder that I survived even with all of the cracks in my foundation…that I am only a small piece of this Masterpiece, and there is a Bigger picture that I must always envision…slowly and mindfully creating in connection with the Universe, always with love, always with kindness, always with empathy…always listening to my intuition, and encouraging others to co-create their own meaningful beauty in our collective Masterpiece….

Wishing you harmonious health 4 life!

Love and blessings,








  • A beautiful expression of how each of us is the architect of infinite possibilities when we remain awake. Awake to who we are. Awake to the divinity within us. Awake to the invisible yet palpable connections between ourselves and those we cherish.

    Thank you dearest Wendy for sharing with us the Masterpiece you continue to do-create with the Universe.

    Always love,
    Mama Sheila

  • What a beautiful response to my article…Thank you Mama Sheila for continuing to teach me how to create and express authentically…

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