Hello Everyone!

I received my training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I was trained in more than one hundred dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods.

I am so passionate about sharing my story of my “Wellness Recovery Approach” to addiction. I want to share my successful journey with others who want to begin their own recovery using alternative modalities to the traditional recovery approach.

I am also eager to implement my business, Blissfully Gl-Airy Free, LLC, blissfullyglairyfree.com, into my coaching practice to empower and educate others on how to nourish themselves in a whole healthy lifestyle using whole organic foods, and primary foods. Primary foods include healthy and loving relationships, career, spirituality, exercise and more!

I will help you to create lasting change in an exciting and meaningful way that will improve energy, balance, and health based on your bio-individuality. These changes are sustainable using natural and organic solutions in a holistic lifestyle through a variety of holistic health modalities, and taking into account your unique body type, blood type, lifestyle, preferences, and goals.

Learn more about my training and my unique approach to health coaching!

Are you curious about how health coaching can help you? Let’s talk! Schedule an initial consultation with me today! You can email me at wendyblanchard044@gmail.com, or call me at 845-263-4094.

Wishing you Harmonious Health 4 Life!