An Open Heart

Once upon a time there was a prince and princess who fell deeply in love. Immediately they recognized that they were connected on a soul level spiritually, as well as emotionally, physically, and mentally….and immediately realized they were a mirror for each other.

The princess had come from the wealthier side of town where gifts were bestowed upon her and her every wish was granted. The one thing that was missing from the princesses life was the gift of time and unconditional love. She had all of the material possessions that money could buy, but was missing the one thing that is priceless….love. True love…unconditional love from her then prince.

Her new prince came from a modest side of town where he worked hard and earned all that he had in a more laid back kind of existence, and could not afford to offer the princess the material things she had been used to living with. The prince became fearful that he could never fulfill those needs in the princess, although she assured him those “things” no longer mattered to her.

Through this new relationship, the princess began to understand what the true meaning of love is with her prince, and no longer yearned for the lifestyle she had been living.  She loved the new life they had together, and the only thing she asked for, and needed in this relationship, was time…and unconditional love, which her prince gave freely and in abundance. They were so happy and so in love, but the princess was unsuccessful in convincing her prince that this was all she desired due to his fear of failing her, and he discarded the princess. The princess felt insignificant, lonely, and panicked at the thought of losing her prince. How could he dismiss her so coldly?

Then, the princess remembered something she had learned from the Queen about “mirroring.” As the princess had these feelings of fear, loneliness and insignificance, she realized that because she and her prince were so connected….as ONE, and mirrored each other in every way, the prince was having these same feelings about himself. It was an unselfish act of love in his eyes to let the princess go to find what HE thought she needed because he too was feeling fear and panic of committing to her. He doubted she could be happy living in this type of simpler existence, so he reacted out of fear, possibly feeling insignificant himself.

The princess also learned about holding the space for a loved one from the Queen which is holding open your heart and mind for all possibilities.  As the princess held the space and had time to herself, always longing for her prince, she focused on getting to know herself on a more intimate and deeper level, and learned so much about who she really is…a courageous woman with an enormous amount of inner strength and resolve. She began to work with the Queen on learning all that she could about embracing herself first before embracing another, accepting what is, practicing patience, and of course embracing infinite possibilities. The princess has been very successful in her studies.

Yes, during their separation, the princess had gentlemen callers, but she knew deep down in her heart and soul, that she had one love…her prince. Instead of dating other men, the princess dated herself, spent time with family and friends, and focused on her career in writing, her love of cooking, and teaching. Her life was fulfilling her as she held the space for her prince to one day return with an open heart…the heart she allows follows.



  • Beautuful and inspiring story! Thank you!

    • Thank you Mama Sheila. I was so blessed to have had this time for reflection and self discovery, with you leading the way (my Queen :). I love who I am. I am holding the space.

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