“When we hide behind the screen that separates us from face to face interaction…when we hide behind words and feelings…when we think we are not seen in our naked truth…keep an eye on the back door. The Universe shines a light on the truth no matter where we think we are “safe“…Open up the front door and allow the sun to illuminate the darkness within…There is always an opportunity to begin again on a clean white page…a blank page where the rest of the story has not yet been written…if we dare to step outside. Otherwise, it is quite possible that we are destined to live in the darkness behind the screen…behind the words…behind the feelings…Know that the Universe is always watching and listening…and, all we need to do is kneel down and pray to be shown the door…the front door…a spiritual awakening.” – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC


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