In the recent past, I chose to rebuild my life…to start over…to create the life that I envision for me, not what others said “should be.”  My Mama always says, “Don’t SHOULD all over yourself!” I tore down the existing structure…my comfort zone. I faced all of my fears, and single handedly, one brick at a time, with purpose, determination, vision, confidence and faith, I began to rebuild. I felt fearful, I did it anyway. I took risks. I am living the life I envisioned for me. Fear is a choice created by thoughts…Thoughts are not facts.

If you are not taking risks, you’re not truly living. Face your fear…do it anyway. It is, for me, usually the anticipation that I fear, I do it anyway, and almost always realize that my heart and my intuition knew the answer… that my intuition knows more than my brain was imagining. I listen to my heart and soul…I don’t allow my “brain to use me.”

Let your fear motivate and inspire you to be your building blocks rather than your stumbling blocks. Envision your desired outcome. Imagery is so powerful and a technique that I use each day…like creating a vision board of all that I want to create for my present and my future. I am the architect. My heart, my soul, my intuition offer me the blueprints….and I build intuitively. My foundation is solid as I continue to build and make minor alterations while still under construction, knowing there is always room to improve.

Retrain your brain. Tune your brain into your intuition. Know that your intuition is your “gut feeling.” Our gut is our second brain! Connect brain to brain! Two brains are better than one! We are in control of our mind. We tell our brain how to think, and how to proceed. Connect your mind to your body and spirit.

When you are feeling fearful, acknowledge the feeling, acknowledge the thought, remind yourself that you are safe, ask yourself, “Is this really true?,” listen to your gut, to your heart…very carefully, and walk right up to the fear, smile confidently, give it a wink, and do it anyway.

Build with one brick at a time….with purpose and the confidence that you are creating a magnificent landscape…Stand firmly on your foundation, and continue to build from there.

Love and blessings,


Listen to Tony Robbins speak about FEAR. Click here. https://www.facebook.com/businessinsider/videos/10153753011989071/


  • Beautifully and eloquently said!! You are a living breathing example of how the student has now become the teacher….

    • Thank you Mama! You have led the way and have taught me so much. I feel so prepared for so much….all because of your love, your wisdom, your patience, and your beautiful soul. You are my inspiration.

  • Kate Menzo
    3 years ago

    I needed to hear this! Thank you for the words of encouragement and inspiration!

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