“Show compassion to those who hurt you…they didn’t know any better…forgive them and be free of the burden…God knows they have suffered in their decisions but didn’t have the strength to make the changes to right their wrong…Show them who you are in spite of the hurt…a compassionate and loving soul…show them how to be who they wish they could be…help them to navigate…the Universe has given you a very important assignment…show up with gratitude and use this opportunity to offer a loving resolution for all of you…Dissolve the boundaries with LOVE…usher them safely to the shore and offer them your light…help them to begin a new path that will be one you can walk together as you realign with love…it is always a loving compassionate heart that heals us within, and filters out to those around us…Without judgement, lead the way for those who lost their own. Remember that we are not separate from each other…that is an illusion…we are ONE.

This is your opportunity to be the Teacher, and to be the Student, and ace this Universal Assignment once and for all. Surrender…Call on compassion and place your faith in the Universe…ask for Guidance…Step out of the way and allow the natural, organic flow of love and compassion to move through…You cannot avoid this Assignment…Honor your feelings without resistance…feel the pain and allow it to pass through…no longer the victim…release it and trust in the Universe where you are always supported with love…Once you complete this assignment, you will experience what true joy is in merely sharing your loving presence which lifts vibrations and welcomes healing. Be the inspiration they need to make a change…and always look for the light in others, and you will see the light in you. This is truly the power of love.” – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC


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