After deciding to follow a holistic, natural and organic lifestyle, I began to research a variety of facts about the foods that I had been eating throughout my life. Grains were a part of every meal that I ate, and since my lifestyle change, I feel so much better, and find I have better mental clarity not eating grains. Throughout my research, I found some of the following facts about grains, the “Blood Type Diet,” and the “food mood” relationship, primary and secondary nutrition, the “Circle of Life,” and bio-individuality. Two of the factors that shape bio-individuality are ancestry and blood type.

1. The grains that we are eating today are so processed, and as humans, it is not genetically intended for our bodies to process wheat or gluten. We need to return to the way that our ancestors ate as it is our genetic destiny. Each person has specific nutritional needs, or bio-individuality, and your body naturally can assimilate foods of your ancestry! Due to the “modernized and hybridized wheat crops” that are manufactured today, there is a major change to the genetic, structural, and chemical properties of the grain that we eat as opposed to the grain that our ancestors consumed. Dr. David Perlmutter, a board certified neurologist, an expert in this field, and author of “Grain Brain,” states that “Zonullin is the cornerstone of diseases characterized by inflammation in the brain…Alzheimer’s, autism, Parkinsons, and ADD, as well as auto-immune diseases.” Gluten in wheat leads to the production of Zonullin in the gut and it increases the permeability (allowing liquids and gasses to pass through) of the intestinal wall, allowing proteins to leak from the gut into bloodstream. These proteins then challenge parts of the immune system and other types of white blood cells that increase production of inflammation related chemicals. Zonullin is present in 100% of humans! Furthermore, brain dysfunction and impairment is based on the premise that inflammation from ingesting gluten and sugar molecules known as carbs, including fruit, causes “grain brain.” Gluten also causes problems behaviorally, balancing, digestion, and many secondary causes of disease. A diet high in carbs is related to atrophy (deterioration) of the brain. Research shows that grains are linked to a decline in brain health.

2.  There are four blood types, A, B, AB, and O and they have evolved over thousands of years. They offer insight into what foods work best for your body type. Each type can be traced to a certain period of human history with distinct differences in diet, culture, and social conditions. Each blood type has developed particular strengths and limitations. Preferences of food to a specific blood type are based on a chemical reaction that occurs between the foods you eat and your blood. If you eat a food that is incompatible with your blood type, it can lead to health problems.

3.  Scientifically, it has been proven that foods affect our moods. The “food-mood” relationship is maintained by neurotransmitters which are chemical messengers that relay thoughts and actions throughout the brain. Some of these neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, can make us feel relaxed such as when we’re eating carbs. Others such as dopamine, have a stimulating effect, such as when we eat protein which releases dopamine and neropinephrine, which gives us energy. However, too much protein can cause irritability. Food breaks down in our digestive tract and enters our bloodstream, and creates changes in the behavior of these neurotransmitters, thus impacting our mood. Note that overeating often leads to drowsiness. To handle the excess food, blood flow is directed to the stomach and away from the brain causing lethargy. For more information on the “food mood” relationship, read “The Mood Cure” by Julia Ross.

Personal differences in anatomy, metabolism, composition of bodily fluids, and cell structure influence our overall health. Each person has genetically determined and highly individualistic nutrition requirements.

As I begin coaching others as a Certified Holistic Health Coach, I will use my knowledge and personal experience from my own auto-immune disease to guide others who struggle with this complicated health challenge through sharing with them what has worked on my journey to wellness. I have been living a gluten, dairy, sugar, and mostly grain free lifestyle for two years, and it has significantly improved my overall health. I am also very excited about using the Blood Type Diet as part of my practice. I will be offering individual and group classes on learning how to cook and bake Gl-Airy free, and what to use in place of refined sugar, and wheat and gluten.

It is also very important to understand that food is secondary nutrition, and that primary nutrition, which encompasses healthy, loving relationships, financial stability, a career that you love, exercise, service to others, gratitude, creativity, and spirituality, supersede nourishment from foods and supplements. You could eat all of the healthiest, organic foods every day of your life, but if you are missing Primary Nutrition in your life, the food will not create a whole healthy individual or lifestyle. We must bridge the gap between nutrition and personal growth and development because these entities are definitely interrelated.

For more information on the Blood Type Diet, go to For more information on the effects on the brain from eating grain, read “The Grain Brain” by David Perlmutter.

Discover which Primary Foods you are missing in the “Circle of Life,” and go forward in finding that balance for joy, peace, and satisfaction in your life!



How does your life look?

1. Put an * on the line in each category to specify how fulfilled your life is in each area. Place an * at the center of the circle to specify discontent, or on the edge to specify fulfillment, and then draw a line connecting the *’s to see your Circle of Life. Be mindful and observe the imbalances so that you can navigate an action plan to create balance in your life!

blank circle of life

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Later on this year, I will be facilitating a “Grain-Out! For 21 Days” challenge. Look for more information here on my website, and on my Blissfully Gl-Airy Free Facebook page.

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