Sarah Myers Ulfik has been a “daughter” for about a decade!  She used to date my son, and for awhile, we thought they would marry.  Sarah and I became very close, and she began to call me mom!  She is so much like me in that she loves to cook, and bake, and is gluten free! She also knows so much about the holistic way of life, and shares so much with me!  She is intelligent, fun, and beautiful, and I am so proud of her.
Sarah came home for a visit a couple of weeks ago, and brought artichokes!  She made this delicious, healthy, and eas-e recipe!  Thank you Sarah!  Love you!
Bring a large pot of salted water to boil (salted like the sea).  While this is heating up, trim the stems of the woody bits (leave a bit of stem though; it is the best part!) and the bottom row or two of leaves.  Place the artichokes in the pot and cover.  Let cook for about 35-45 minutes or until a sharp knife slips easily into the stem.

Clarified Butter:

Melt butter or substitute and skim off the white froth.  Serve in a side dish for dipping.

To eat:

Peel off a few leaves to let cool.  Dip into the clarified butter.  Holding the pointed end (be careful! – there is a thorn – you are eating a thistle after all!), use your bottom teeth to scrape the tender part off the petal on the bottom.  Eat all petals this way, until the texture of the petals changes.  With the smaller, more tender petals, you may eat the whole bottom half.  When you are left the just the stem and flower center, use a teaspoon to clean out the bit that looks like the center of a sunflower.  This part is not edible.  Be careful to only scrape out the fronds. You don’t want to waste any of the heart!  When it is clean, dip it in the butter and enjoy!

To your good health!



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