I have been making my own homemade all purpose cleaner, as well as a heavy duty cleaner for windows, tubs, tile, and all the tough grease and dirt. I use Shaklee products, and Essential Oils, and my house is beautifully clean, and smells of natural lavender and lemon! Shaklee is a company that creates green, natural products, and produces, in my opinion, using a pure essential oil enhances the product.

To make the cleaner for the heavier dirt, I fill the 16 oz. bottle 1/4 of the way full with hot water and 1 T. of Shaklee Dishwasher Automatic Concentrate. Shake well until dissolved. Slowly add cold water to the full line, and then add 1 T. Shaklee Liquid Laundry Concentrate or Shaklee Nature Bright Laundry Booster with 2 t. of Shaklee Basic H2.

For an all around purpose cleaner, fill your 16 oz. bottle with water, and add about 1/2 teaspoon of Shaklee Basic H2.

Next, I add about 5 drops each of Lavendar and Lemon essential oils. Use your favorite essential oil for a relaxing, zen, and inviting scent in your home! I have eliminated all toxins from my body, mind, and my home!

For more information on Shaklee products, please go to http://www.shaklee.com/us/en/.

To your good health!


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