“Do you ever think about what you would do if you fell in love with someone who is struggling with themselves…struggling with trust…struggling with knowing if they want to share their life…struggling with wanting to be 100% sure? What if your beloved needs you to be patient…needs your loving support, but it will take them time…maybe more time than you would like for them to work through these challenges? Do you ever think about what a gift it would be to your beloved to hold that space until they are able to do the work that it takes to reconcile their fears and be able to come to you without reservation, fully reconciled in love?…And the fact that this gift will be an investment in your own life with a return that is a wealth of pure love…real love from the Divine? All we offer through the power of love always comes back to us…it is the law of attraction…The Universe always provides to us what we ask for, especially when we are generous with our time, our patience, our compassion, our love. It is a Loving Universe who smiles by the light of the Sun, and the light of the Moon when we offer to be the Teacher for any student who needs help with their Divine assignment of finding self love, and feeling excited about loving another. The Universe holds the light for us as we guide another into the light as we teach them by our loving example…Be the Teacher your beloved needs…exercise loving patience, and when you feel you have run out of patience, dig even deeper to unearth even more patience…you can find it within right underneath compassion and empathy inside of your heart… When someone is just about to cross the finish line, and then turns back, be their loving coach on the sidelines…be their cheerleader, and help them to continue on their journey in removing all barriers…to cross over the finish line going in the right direction… toward love…” – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC

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