“Yes, it is important to be SELF sufficient…to be SELF reliant…to experience SELF LOVE, and to know ones SELF worth…AND NOW…to offer ones SELF full of esteemed confidence, SELF assuredness, and abundant LOVE to another evolved SELF who embraces THEMSELVES as they are…where they are, who knows their own SELF worth…There is no resistance to LOVE…we unblock OURSELVES to receive the Universe’s plan for us, as the evolved SELVES “know” this is a spiritual union of two souls which takes us beyond our human ego…where we allow and embrace LOVE in order to receive God’s gift with gratitude as it flows abundantly…it is effortless…we offer OURSELVES to each other unconditionally and understand that pure LOVE is Divine, and is born from a relationship with God. Each individual SELF asks for patience in the process of LOVE…to experience the natural flow of energy between the twin flames in its burning desire…to trust thy SELF and each other where we never give up hope, we allow for infinite possibilities, and we continue to CHOOSE LOVE because we understand that this is God’s plan…a spiritual union of two souls…timeless…eternal.” – Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC


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